be well - congestion relieving bath treatment

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Ravensara, eucalyptus, and lavender-infused mustard bath treatment.

Help to relieve your cold symptoms and break up the congestion in your body by bathing in this healing antiviral bath treatment. Organic mustard powder, which warms the body, is blended with our antiviral essential oil blend of ravensara, eucalyptus and lavender to clear and calm, and help fight off what ails you. These are infused in our unique alkaline salts that change the pH of the water, to promote hydration and healing. 

Best use: Place 4 oz of treatment in one end of the bathtub (away from the tap) prior to starting water. Add water at desired temperature and swirl to mix. Your water will turn a light yellow from the mustard powder in this bath, which is non-staining. Soak for at least 20 minutes to warm and heal your body and loosen the congestion in your head and chest. For best results, remember to drink plenty of water, wrap yourself warmly after the bath, and tuck yourself in for the night.