be acquainted




Everyone has their happy place, that magical “zone” where you can relax and recharge, where you feel safe and whole.  In bed with a book?  The couch with a glass of wine and a movie?  A hammock by the beach?

For me it is, and has always been, the bathtub.  From the time I was eight years old making “bath products” for my mom and sister and taking long soaks while talking through my problems with my grandma …to the time I was in my twenties and got transferred to Russia and brought along a year supply of bath beads to survive the frigid Moscow winters…to now, when I still, no matter what, take a bath every day - and sometimes two.  The warm, nurturing feeling of being immersed in water is my escape, my place to reflect and heal and, well, to be. 

Over the years, I found myself searching for bath products that were better for me - natural products that weren’t loaded with chemicals, formulations that fit my healthier lifestyle without taking away the sensory experience that I crave. Nothing existed, so I decided to create them myself.  I started making bath products for friends, then corporate customers and hotels. I even designed the "Bath Butler" program for a luxury hotel chain.  Then a friend asked me to make a special bath just for them to address how they were feeling. And the idea for be was born. 

Each bath experience is made from the purest ingredients to be found, and sourced from places all around the globe.  We promise to surprise and delight you with our curated concoctions of bathly decadence, supply you with the best elements to spark your own creativity, and most importantly, provide you with a retreat from the stress of your life.

I hope you enjoy your bath time as much as I do.  Please feel free to reach out and let me know.