Bathe yourself in wellness.

Experience, relax, and rejuvenate.
Beautiful, curated baths designed for at-home wellness.

What is BE?


Thoughtfully-designed baths.

BE baths are made from natural, sustainably-sourced oils and ingredients. Baths are available in single-use sizes for your changing wellness needs and larger sizes so you can stock up on your favorites.

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Relax and recharge your life.

Plan your BE time for when it fits your own schedule. It only takes
15-20 minutes to bring relaxation and wellness into your life. Shut the door, fill your tub, and immerse yourself in the healing retreat of your choice



BE yourself.

Want to curate your own baths to suit your mood of the moment? Mix and match ingredients from our bath elements to create your own special bath experiences that suit your unique needs.


be appreciated

A bath from BE is my retreat from my hectic life. Sometimes it is hard to find time to take care of myself, but when I get my bath in the mail, I can’t wait to find the twenty minutes I need to reset.

Jen S. / New York, NY

I used to only take baths when I was sick or injured, and didn't realize they could be so much more.  BE has made me aware of what a bath can do for my relaxation, mind and mood.

Chris B. / Los Angeles, CA

A BE bath is my present to myself. I can’t wait to find the little box at my door and try the next month’s bath.

A.S. / Pacific Palisades, CA

I love BE so much for myself that I had to share it with family and friends. BE makes the best gifts for any occasion.

Robin W. Pacific Palisades, CA