Why to fall in love with bath salts.....and the Hemsworth brothers.

Let’s talk salt. 

The traditional method of harvesting sea salt requires the patience of Stedman & Oprah’s wedding planner and the upper-body strength of the Hemsworth brothers.  First, carefully-constructed salt pools are intentionally flooded with ocean water and then left to evaporate over time…..tick, tick, tick. As the evaporation occurs, salt sauniers (imagine shirtless, French-speaking Hemsworths) use a special rake to scrape the salt and mix it so it dries evenly without breaking the crystals.  Voila!  You have sea salt.

While all of this evaporation is occurring, the minerals that were naturally occurring in the seawater are now being condensed into a more compact form – the salt.  So, all of the great things in the seawater just became transportable to your bathtub in a more concentrated way.  

Just like boyfriends, some seawater is richer (in mineral content) than others, and these ultra-rich salts are what you should care about bathing in. The benefits depend on the type of salt, and range from relieving achy muscles and joints to smoothing and softening your skin, and everything in between.  I have researched an abundance of salts, and will only concoct baths with sea salts that are pure, effective, and worthy of your wellness time.

When you bathe in salt, remember what you are striving for: the same effect of immersing yourself in mineral-rich seawater.  To that end, use ALL of the salt prescribed for a single bath so that your tub is concentrated to a level that provides you with the maximum benefits. Believe me, I know how tempting it is to covet your beloved bath products, and try to stretch a single-serving into 2 or 3 baths.  But you and your bath time are precious - please make the absolute most of your time to rejuvenate. 

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