detox box

detox box

Bath Experience

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BE reset! The detox box contains a trifecta of purifying baths to set your mind and body back on the path to wellness. Each box contains our three most detoxifyng baths:

1. BE restored - Reviving bath treatment

Detoxifying and pain relieving mud bath treatment that gently exfoliates and replaces minerals, detoxifies and removes impurities, and relieves aches and pains to help send you on the path to recovery.  

2. BE light - Slenderizing seaweed bath treatment

Ultra-purifying bath that rids your body of excess fluids and bloat, helping you to feel free, light, and ready for that special garment (or lack thereof). 

3. BE zen - Detoxifying enzyme bath treatment 

Detoxifying and revitalizing bath that assists in removing impurities while boosting circulation and metabolism for a purifying and mood-altering experience. 

Best use: Set your intentions to wellness, and find a week in your schedule to reset your mind and body in the bath.  Each bath has complete instructions to obtain the maximum benefits, but don't hesitate to reach out to us at with questions or additional tips and suggestions.