be light - slenderizing bath treatment

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Slenderizing seaweed bath treatment.

Let go of what weighs you down, get bikini-ready, and embrace your inner mermaid (or man) by soaking in these seaweed and essential oil infused bath salts. Organic seaweed powder is blended with ultra-pure salts from the Australian coast and our detoxifying blend of juniper and blue chamomile essential oils. The effect is an ultra-purifying bath that rids your body of excess fluids and bloat, helping you to feel free, light, and ready for that special garment (or lack thereof). 

Best use: Place 4 oz of treatment in one end of the bathtub (away from the tap) prior to starting water. Add water at desired temperature and swirl to mix. Your water will turn a light blue-green color from the essential oils and seaweed, which is non-staining. Soak for at least 20 minutes to detoxify and heal your mind and body.