be inspired (uplifting and inspiring salt bath)

be inspired (uplifting and inspiring salt bath)

The Bath Experience

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We can all get a little stuck: in habits, thoughts, day-to-day routines, and interactions with others. Embrace change. Hold on to the positive, and release the patterns that keep you from moving forward. This bath is designed to create a sense of wholeness and confidence to inspire new ideas and thoughts that serve you.

Open yourself up to new possibilities by soaking in this inspiring blend of all parts of the orange tree and our stabilizing alkaline salts. Our unique salts change the pH of your water to promote hydration, and are infused with a complex aromatherapy blend. This blend, comprised of neroli (orange blossom), petitgrain (orange leaf), and sweet orange (orange peel), promotes clear and positive thinking, unfettered sleep, and a sense of completeness.
1 bath/$15. 4 baths/$50.

Best use: Add contents of packet as you begin to run your bath water.  Before entering tub, swirl the water to help liquefy any undissolved crystals. Soak for 20 minutes or more to uplift, inspire, and clear both mind and body.