be strong (restorative salt bath)

be strong (restorative salt bath)

The Bath Experience

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Life and work can wear us down, and even the toughest person can feel a little beaten up by a bad day, bad boss, or the negativity of others. This bath is designed to revive your inner strength, and restore your sense of self and confidence.

Recover your strength by soaking in this bath made from Dead Sea salts, intoxicatingly-scented with our strengthening aromatherapy blend. The Dead Sea has one of most dense salt concentrations in the world, and is rich in magnesium, potassium, and calcium. Bathing in these salts is excellent for skin softening, relieving achy joints and muscles, and reducing fluid retention. The salts are infused with our complex blend of sandalwood, vetiver, balsam, and amber. This grounding blend enhances the feeling of being steady and strong, and supports emotional clarity.  1 bath/$15. 4 baths/$36.

Best use: Add contents of packet as you begin to run your bath water, in an area of the tub where you don’t sit (ouch). Before entering tub, swirl the water to help liquefy any undissolved crystals. Soak for 15-20 minutes to heal skin and revive body and spirit.