be soothed - sunburn soothing bath treatment

be soothed - sunburn soothing bath treatment

Bath Experience

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Lavender and rooibos-infused alkaline bath treatment.

Be gentle with yourself and your sunburned skin by soaking in this healing blend of lavender and rooibos-infused alkaline salt powder. Our unique powder changes the pH of your water to promote hydration and healing, and are infused with organic lavender, known for the ability to calm the mind and heal the effects of burns. The salts are blended with imported South African rooibos extract, which is naturally anti-inflammatory and reputed to ease the effects of sunburn. Soaking in these salts will help to hydrate and heal skin, and ease the effects and sting of sunburn.
1 bath/$10. 2 baths/$18.

Best use: Add contents of package as you begin to run your bath water.  Before entering tub, swirl the water to help liquefy any undissolved crystals. Soak for 20 minutes or more, and drink plenty of water, to heal and soothe both mind and body.