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Grapefruit-infused Himalayan pink bath salt.

Set your sights on the happiness of the future by soaking in this uplifting bath of grapefruit-infused Himalayan pink bath salts. Grapefruit essential oil helps to eliminate fluid retention, flush the lymphatic system, and has antidepressant properties that are known to combat SAD, seasonal affective disorder. This uplifting oil is blended with pristine Himalayan salt, whose rosy color is a result of high concentrations of iron, and has been hand-mined from a Jurassic-era salt bed. Soaking in these salts is reputed to relieve anemia and aid in the removal of toxins. 

Best use: Add 4 oz of salt as you begin to run your bath water, in an area of the tub where you don’t sit (ouch). Before entering tub, swirl the water to help liquefy any undissolved crystals. Soak for 15-20 minutes to strengthen and detox both mind and body.