be mine (heart-opening bath melt)

be mine (heart-opening bath melt)

The Bath Experience

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Love is in the air and in your bath. Love begins with caring for yourself, and creating the strength to love, care for, and sustain others.  It’s a time to open your heart to new light, possibilities, and love.

Take this moment to open your heart and heal your skin by soaking in this moisturizing heart-shaped bath melt infused with the scents of Baltic amber and Bulgarian rose. These intoxicating scents help to keep your heart open, while grounding your emotions and retaining your sense of self. The oils are encased in a blend of shea butter and kokum butter, two gentle and healing butters which soften, restore and protect the skin. 1 bath/$15.

Best use: Turn bath temperature to hot setting, and begin to run bath, adding one heart-shaped melt as water fills the tub. When the heart has melted, adjust water to a temperature suitable for soaking comfortably, and continuing filling tub to desired depth. Soak for 20 minutes to soften, protect and heal your skin and open your heart and ground your emotions. As you are bathing, you may see “puddles” of the melted butter blend on the water’s surface. scoop each puddle into your hand, and massage into knees, elbows, heels, or other areas that need an abundance of care.