be festive (october 2017)

be festive (october 2017)

The Bath Experience

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It’s time to start the party, and embrace the festivities of life. This bath celebrates the end of a long season of work and allows you to stop, rest, and honor your personal achievements.

Set your mood to jovial by soaking in our anti-inflammatory and warming beer bath. Inspired by the New World artisan craft brewing community and the Old World traditions of Oktoberfest, our celebratory beer bath is comprised of imported German hops, English dark chocolate grains, and dark malt, which have anti-inflammatory properties and are reputed to ease eczema and soften the skin. We’ve infused our beer blend with pure vanilla resin for a hint of warming sweetness that is naturally antioxidant, promotes relaxation and improved mood, and is reminiscent of a crafted vanilla bean stout. 1 bath/$15.

Best use: Fill your bathtub to desired temperature and add cloth bag to water upon getting in the bath. Gently squeeze cloth bag for 3-5 minutes to release the beer blend into the water. As you do, you will notice the amber color of the grains slowly changing the color of your bathwater: this is perfectly normal, and will drain out of your tub. Soak for 20 minutes or more as you allow yourself to inhale the subtle aromatherapy of the grains and vanilla, and remember to hydrate before, during and after your bath with the beverage of your choice.