be chill - relaxing bath oil

Bath Experience

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 Lavender and spearmint-infused herbal bath oil.

Take a break from saving the world by soaking in this calm-inducing aromatherapy oil bath. Our calming blend includes relaxing and anti-inflammatory essential oils of lavender and spearmint, to promote relaxation, calm, and relief of chronic pain. Our custom blend is infused in a base of hemp and jojoba oil, which is naturally pain-relieving, antioxidant, and highly nourishing for the skin, yet incredibly lightweight. 

Best use: Add .5 oz of oil as you begin to run your bath water. As the tub fills, enjoy the aromatherapy benefits as the scent of this bath fills the air. Soak for 15-20 minutes, in dim lighting or candlelight, to relax, relieve, and calm your mind and body.