be zen - detoxifying bath treatment

Bath Experience

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Unscented enzyme bath treatment for detoxification.

Set your intentions on the present by soaking in this detoxifying Japanese enzyme bath. Made from fermented organic ohtaka enzymes that have been encased in cedar chips, this revitalizing bath assists in removing impurities and boosting circulation and metabolism for a purifying and mood-altering experience. The unscented enzyme bath is ideal for seasonal detoxification, or any time when your mind or body needs a positive change. 

Best use: Fill your bathtub to desired temperature and add cloth bag to water upon getting in the bath. Gently squeeze cloth bag for 3-5 minutes to release the unscented enzymes into the water as the bag noticeably fills with air. Soak for 20 minutes or more as you allow your mind to drift, surrendering heavy thoughts as you shift your mind and body to the possibilities of the present.