All that glitters...

As I was leaving my friend’s birthday party the other night, her husband stopped me on my way out. His parting words to me:

“No glitter - ever.”

I replied, “Of course not.”

Let me explain.  I’m all for fun, love a good time, and think a little subtle glitter or shimmer on your skin is kind of playful and a bit cool, if it is age and style conscious.

HOWEVER, bathing in products infused with glitter is ill-advised for the following reasons:

  • You can’t control where the glitter goes.  And it goes everywhere you don’t want it to go. EVERYWHERE. 
  • It STAYS in the places it shouldn’t go for ages. And ages. A month after I took a bath bomb with glitter, it was still in my bathroom, and on my towels. It was even on my cat - both my real cat (named Lucky) and my metaphorical one (nicknamed “not as lucky”).  Months later, my bathroom looked like some sort of sad New Year’s Eve party that someone didn’t clean up after.

Glitter is like that super-attentive boyfriend that was cool at first, became uncomfortably needy, and then turned into a stalker. 

That’s why I just say no to glitter. And I say no to the other “stuff” that doesn’t belong in your tub.  It’s your relaxation shouldn't have to worry about cleaning up the "party" a month later. 

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